Disney Channels All New PowerVU Key Biss Key Update 2023

Disney Channel, sometimes known as simply Disney, is an American pay television channel that serves as the flagship property of Disney Branded Television, a unit of the Disney General Entertainment Content division of The Walt Disney Company. Launched on April 18, 1983 under the name The Disney Channel as a premium channel on top of basic cable television systems, it originally showcased programming towards families due to availability of home television sets locally at the time. Since 1997, as just Disney Channel, its programming has shifted focus to target mainly children and adolescents between ages 7 and 17, with a major focus on girls. The channel showcases original first-run children’s television series, theatrically-released and original television films and other selected third-party programming.

As of September 2022, Disney Channel is available on basic cable and satellite in over 190 million American and global homes. Original programming/content on/from the channel spans television, online, mobile, video on demand and mobile platforms, with the latter dominated by the DisneyNOW website-app hybrid product. There were 46 Disney Channels available in 33 languages worldwide but some have either shut down or declined in viewership since 2016 in parts of Europe and most of the Asia-Pacific due to the rise of social media and streaming media platforms as well as the successful launch of Disney+ in certain countries/regions/territories from 2020 onward.

Disney Channels All New PowerVU Key 2023

Disney_Channels Apstar 7 (76.5E) CBAND MPEG-4/HD/P.VU
Satellite: Apstar 7 (76.5E) CBAND MPEG-4/HD/P.VU
tp: 3880 H 30000
PowerVu Key
Key: 00: CF8F 8EBA 3286 A4
Key: 01: 3AB2 AAFA 1AB2 D2

AXN Network
Satellite: Apstar.7@ 76.5E
TP: 3920 H 28340
PowerVu Key
Key: 00: 88AF 281D 8D03 41
kEY: 01: 3A1A CF22 8051 51

AXN Network
Satellite: Apstar.7@ 76.5E
TP: 3920 H 28340
PowerVu Key
key 00: 88AF281D8D034100
key 01: BDB4CA4881E9E800



AXN Network
Satellite: Apstar.7@ 76.5E
TP: 3920 H 28340
PowerVu Key
Key: 00: A44C5DBDCE3B8700
Key: 01: BDB4CA4881E9E800

GMA NETWORK Apstar-7 @ 76.5° East
Satellite: Apstar-7 @ 76.5° East
Tp: 3726 V 5925
PoerVU Key
key: 00: F5 B8 9B 9C 0F FF 45 00
key: 01: 27 E4 E0 46 38 64 84 00

SONY YAY Tamil At Apstar 7 MPEG-4/HD
Satellite: Apstar 7
Tp: 3920 H 28340
New PowerVu Key
Key: OO: A44C 5DBD CE3B 87
Key: 01: BDB4 CA48 81E9 E8


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