TRT 3 Spor Latest Frequency Eutelsat 7C

TRT 3 Spor Latest Frequency Eutelsat 7C

TRT 3 is a Turkish TV slot. It generally communicates sport occasions.

TRT 3 began test transmissions on October 2, 1989 as “3. Kanal”, and is currently TRT’s third most stared at the TV station. TRT 3’s transmissions are acknowledged through a period share with TRT GAP and Turkish Grand National Assembly TV (TBMM TV). TRT 3’s projects chiefly comprise of sports, schooling, culture, music and news. Like most TRT channels, commercials are permitted on this channel. Also, TRT 3 transmissions programs in vernaculars lingos actually rehearsed today in the regular routines of Turkish individuals.

Between 1991 to 2008 for Turksat Kablo TV watchers, Spanish public telecaster TVE Internacional will communicate after close down TRT

TRT 3 Spor Latest Frequency Eutelsat 7C

Channel TRT 3 Spor
Satellite Eutelsat 7C
Frequency 10804 V
System DVB-S2
Symbol Rate 30000
FEC 5/6

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