Da Ai 2 Latest Freqauency On Telkom 4

Da Ai 2 Latest Freqauency On Telkom 4

Da Ai Television (Chinese 大愛電視, dà ài diànshì) is a TV station established in 1998. It’s worked by a Buddhist foundation association Tzu Chi. The channel delivers a large portion of its projects without anyone else, and the programming does exclude legislative issues or fierce substance. The channel is strict essentially and it shows dharma under Cheng Yen’s direction The channel’s position is that individuals are great as a matter of course as Buddhism instructs.

The program is generally in Mandarin Chinese however some English substance is likewise created. For instance Da Ai’s Internet radio has one normal program in English called The Power of the Heart Moreover, the channel has youngsters’ shows.

In 2012 the channel moved into HD quality

Da Ai 2 Latest Freqauency On Telkom 4

Channel Da Ai 2
Satellite Telkom 4
Frequency 3980 V
System DVB-S2
Symbol Rate 30000
FEC 5/6


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